Here's what some of my amazing clients have to say...

Amanda 2020

Mornington Peninsula



My journey with Elyce started 3 years ago back in November 2016! Who would have thought through one email enquiry could stem my love for health both physically and mentally; but rather an incredible friendship where she is not only my coach but my greatest friend and soul sister! 


Over the years, being under Elyce’s guidance and care my training took a turn in the right direction. She has taught me to be disciplined, determined, consistent and honest in how I treat my body and overall health. 


When I started with Elyce, I was already on my own journey of ‘getting fit’ but did not have the right tools. I had already implemented good habits but I guess you can say she was the ‘Super Woman’ I needed, she ignited a passion that has seen me grow more and more over the years.


Elyce gives 150% to her clients, hand on heart! Whether you see her face to face or are in her online community, she wants to see all women gain confidence in their strength no matter what shape/size you are! 


Do yourself a favour, and make Elyce your investment! 


 This is my first 8 week challenge with Elyce and I’m loving every aspect of it so much I don’t plan on stopping once the 8 weeks is over! I’ve found the variety of sessions has kept me motivated and focused towards my goals. As someone who has had previous online coaches Elyce is so responsive to any question I ask and always gets back to me as quick as she can. I find this level of communication really makes a difference for me in feeling that I am getting all that I can from the program.


Elyce listens to you and your concerns, questions or needs and changed the program to actually suit you and not just a cookie cutter plan. I’ve had injuries over the past 6 weeks and had physio ask for changes to my program multiple times and without complaint or hesitation elyce has changed it and been open to talking to them to work together as a team to rehab them.


I’m also incredibly grateful for her encouragement and praise when I hit a goal or something gets easier than it was last week. I find myself way more motivated to work on the things I’m not good at because of Elyce encouragement and I know even if know one else cares about my run time or being able to jog on recovery and not walk, Elyce will. Sounds like small stuff but I’ve really noticed the difference in my mindset and wanting to challenge myself for me and no one else while being in her program and I think that change speaks for itself xx 



The decision to join Elyce’s Thrive 8 week program has been one of the most rewarding thing I’ve done in a long time. I can honestly say I have so much excitement when she sends me my new program each Sunday. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I don’t want it to end.


She has answered all of my questions throughout our time together and has genuinely put a lot of thought into my program to make them in-line with my goals I gave to her at the start of the program.


I couldn’t recommend this program to anyone enough, my fitness is through the roof and I’ve lost weight without even feeling like I’m trying, I enjoy my sessions so much more then I used to and I can’t wait to sign up to the next 8 weeks!


Elyce and I have been working together for 4 months now via her Thrive & Build Program. I am at the tail end of my second 8-week Thrive & Build Program. Not only have I had a pretty massive shift in weight but I have had a big shift in mindset too. The shift is from mindset of food through learning how to track macros and understand what being in a calorie deficit means. A shift in understanding energy expenditure and how certain factors can influence this. Elyce checks in with me regularly and she assists with modifying my macro breakdown, weekly challenges, my exercise program and making slight tweaks to challenge and grow. I've learnt a foundation that I can continue with for life. All the factors that Elyce builds into her program lead to a better life overall with enhanced mental health. From eating better, exercising regularly, having a rest & getting your sleep, all of these things contribute to being a better version of yourself. I highly recommend Elyce's Thrive & Build Program not only because of the program but because of Elyce herself. What an amazing soul whose soul purpose is to help YOU. At the end of the day, she will be there for you but you also need to put in the effort too and you WILL see results. 8+kg down since 22 October 2019 



I have been training with Elyce for almost 2 years. My commitment to being a client of Elyce is one of the best positive lifestyle changes I've made an as adult. 


I have been playing professional basketball for the better part of the last decade, so i am already an "athletic/ sporty" person. However, this doesn't mean i have always "enjoyed" exercising or made it a positive priority in my life. When I came to Elyce almost 2 years ago, I had been following her on social media for a while before and she always amazed me - not only with her incredible physique. But it was more her mental toughness lifestyle discipline, and knowledge about the body, training and mindset. She isn't your everyday 'personal trainer' she is a mentor, a coach, a leader, the fittest person I have ever been around, and a friend. She has had a profound impact on my life. At this stage I had not been to a gym or lifted a weight in 6-8 months. And now almost 2 years down the track I consistently train 3-5 times a week in the gym. I aim to do something active everyday and also understand and prioritise my rest and time in the gym. 


2 years on I am in the best shape of my life (physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally), I have a love for myself and my body that I have never really had before. The other area which she has helped me the most is my mindset, discipline, and ability to overcome real life challenges and set straight on a positive path in my life.. all through her training programs and one on one time spent in the gym with her. 


Let me also say... her sessions are no f&*#ing joke. They are hard. She gets in your head. She takes you to new limits which haven't been explored before. She challenges you in all ways. And she practices exactly what she preaches. 


Everyone has their thing, Elycefit is my thing. No plans to ever really leave her. The investment in self, in your health - is the best investment to make. 



During the start of my strength and conditioning journey a few years ago I was introduced to Elyce. I had very little knowledge and needed support and guidance on how to move with proper technique and form. I soon started pt sessions with Elyce and learnt so much. Since then I have always kept in touch with her and snapped up the opportunity to train again with Elyce when she started the Thrive Athletic online training platform in Oct.  Scroll forward 4 months and I am happier than ever and kicking goals with my running and strength training. One of my goals was to run a half marathon.  Due to the mentorship and training plans set up by Elyce, I ticked off one of my personal goals. Super cruzy run and had a great recovery.  Utilising the app, Elyce is in contact with you almost daily. Elyce regularly checks in and is always there to answer questions, push you when you need it and tell you to slow down if your hitting it alittle too much.  I couldn't recommend Elyce any higher! If your looking for a trainer that really cares about you, has a wealth of knowledge and trailers your training around you and your goals give it a go!