Free yourself from thought...

It's been a very long time since I've been able to say "That was a great year". Not that this has to be the case, but wow, 2017 was an incredible year for me! A lot has changed in me over the past 12 months. And it's not that I'm a different person; but it's as though I have a different outlook on life, and a better understanding of myself, and my intensions on a day to day basis. You hear people say "I just need to find myself". But how do you do that? You're already here? What are you trying to seek in order to truly find yourself? Do you need a trip overseas to do this? This is what most of us do when we finish high school yeah?

For me, it's realising that you're already here. It's realising that you're not the voice inside your head, or the billion thoughts that run through your mind all day. Thoughts keep us from living in the present moment. When we daydream or have thoughts, it's merely just a projection of the past, or the future. We are thinking about things that have already happened, or things that could happen. The past feeds our ego, and the future creates fear and steals joy from the present moment.

You know that voice in your head, the one that we all have? That voice that makes you doubt your actions? Well I'm learning not to listen to it. I can definitely hear it, but I block it out pretty quickly. I'm now being consciously aware that it's there, and realising that it's not actually my reality. I am not the thinker.

I've began to take action based on what feels right in the present moment. I'm not letting the fear of judgment, or self doubt stop me from living in the moment. Fear and self doubt are made up by our thoughts, and if we aren't aware of this, they rule our life and become toxic. Why be fearful of something that hasn't even happened? Your mind creates fear by projecting an imaginary future situation. You're purely robbing yourself of your own joy and peace.

Once upon a time, I was a girl who let an eating disorder rule me for nearly six years of my life. I was a girl who let shame stop me from speaking out loud. That voice inside my head stopped me from truly living for all those years. If you let your thoughts dictate your life, then you’re not truly living. Your thoughts are not you. They're just a projection of your past and future. They feed your ego, and they can be so powerful and so destructive.

Starting eFit is just the beginning for me. I have big plans to one day grow and expand my business; but for now, I run it from home. It's small, but it’s growing organically every week, and I’m meeting incredible people who inspire me and remind me of why I started this in the first place. We all want bigger and better things, but don’t get caught up in a projection of the future, because you’ll miss out on what’s happening now. Most of us unconsciously believe that the next moment is more important than this one. But there is nothing more important than the moment you are living in right now. Your life is right now, not tomorrow, or next week. If you live your life chasing the next best thing, then you will never be truly satisfied, and you will never truly live.

Free yourself from thought, and see how life suddenly starts to work with you, not against you.