Keeping Active & Eating While Travelling

One thing I never lose sight of when I'm travelling, is my training and my nutrition. Yes, I'm one of those crazy people who workout in the hotel gym, or who is researching nearby gyms before I leave for a holiday! For me, training doesn't stop just because I'm on holiday. Exercise is apart of my lifestyle, so whether I'm in Melbourne or in Bali, my training routine will stay the same!

Most often or not, our eating can get a bit out of whack when we travel! And if you're someone like me, I'm a creature of habit! I love my routine, and I love sticking to the same meals/ snacks (I have a very simple pallet)..So, I have put together a few tips on how I keep my nutrition and training on track whilst travelling! Not to mention, while still indulging on delcious foods, not restricting, and having an enjoyable, relaxing time!

1. Find a Hotel/ Resort with a gym - When I'm looking for accomodation, I always try to find a place that has a gym!

2. Research nearby gyms - I jump on my phone, or computer before I leave, and find a nearby gym! Once I find one, I put it in to my google maps and work out how long it will take to either walk/ ride a bike/ or catch a bus. When in a touristy spot, a lot of gyms will offer a holiday pass, which works out to be cheaper then a casual rate!

3. Wake up earlier - I don't really like my training to clash with my day, so I prefer to get it done at the start of the day. This means setting my alarm to wake up that little bit earlier! Then, off to breakfast I go! :D

4. Increase the intensity of training - As my calorie intake is usually a bit higher when I travel, I make sure I'm doing workouts that will support this! So, I don't really stick to a program, I just focus on working large muscle groups and increase my volume! This will ensure that my session is burning those extra calories (gelato)!

5. Hire a bike - Paul and I always hire bikes when we go travelling! It's usually pretty cheap, and also works out to be cheaper than catching an uber everywhere! Everything is usually pretty close so it's not that big of a hike! It's actually so enjoyable riding around and finding little short cuts around the town! You see so much more, and you don't even feel like you're doing a workout! To be honest, I don't actually hire a bike to be "active", I just love it!!

6. Take your own snacks - If I'm heading out for the day, whether it be to lay on the beach all day, or venture out of town, I go to the shops and stock up on healthy snacks! If you're prepared, you'll make better choices! I usually take mixed nuts, low carb muesli, protein bars, bliss balls, fruit, cold meat, bottles of water!

7. Healthy breakfast, high in protein and good fats! - Breakfast is one of my favourite meals when travelling! There is nothing better than finding an amazing cafe, ordering an extra hot, large soy latte, and waiting for your big plate of eggs to come out! I make sure I fill my plate with protein (eggs, salmon, chicken) good fats (avo, nuts), and greens (spinach, kale, beans)! This will keep me satisfied for hours, and I usually won't have to eat until early afternoon! And although I love toast with my eggs, I try not to have it everyday while I travel. Especially if I know I'll be having more that day/ night, or even going out for a big dinner/ drinks that night.

8. Drink plenty of water - I always make sure that I stay hydrated! Water is not only good for hydration, but it helps circulate nutrients around the body, flush toxins and helps aid in fat metabolism.

9. Make better choices when eating out - I always look for a healthier option on the menu. I usually look for a fish of the day, a yummy filled salad, or a meat and veggie dish! If I know I'm going to have a sneaky dessert, I'll usually have a lighter dish such as a salad!

10. Run/ walk to breakfast/ dinner - If I'm situated in a spot near the local cafes etc.. I'll usually jog to breakfast or walk to dinner!